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Earn up to 450% Initial APR on your $FIO

FIO Staking rewards $FIO holders for participating in on-chain governance.


Vote for a block producer or assign voting to a registered proxy.


Pledge any amount of $FIO to the Staked Token Pool.


Earn rewards on your staked $FIO and redeem at any time.

The earlier you stake, the more you earn.

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What is the FIO Protocol?
The FIO Protocol is a decentralized usability layer built to make sending, receiving, and requesting any type of cryptocurrency as easy as transacting in fiat.

What blockchain is the FIO Protocol built on?
The FIO Protocol is built on its own block, called the FIO Chain. The FIO Chain is a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) blockchain designed to securely manage the high data-write needs that enable the FIO Protocol to work interoperably with all other blockchains.

Does the FIO Protocol have a token?
The FIO Chain is powered by a native utility FIO token, which is used to pay for transaction gas fees and secure on-chain governance.